There has been a cloak of invisibility over many Lightworkers and places of Spiritual and Energetic Significance for many many years.

This has been done on purpose, so that the strength and the Light of these places and people could grow to what was required

So many Lightworkers have understood the value and importance of the work that they are doing and have questioned why they are not gaining the reach and the potential that they know is not only possible, but that is needed for the transformation of the world.

So many of us have felt the pain of the chaos and destruction of the planet, especially over these last few years and wondered how on earth, the change and shift that they can sense, is every going to happen, when so much darkness seems to exist in every corner.

So many have become disillusioned and confused when there seems to be no way to find the truth for all that is happening. That so many lies are being uncovered and the corruption and deception that has been able to be hidden for so long is finally starting to come to the surface.

We are all being asked to turn inwards, to know that the only truth for our own evolution and our own path is within. Many people will assist us along that path, we do not need to do this alone but it is only within, that your truth can be found.

This Cloak of Invisbility to preparing to lift – when and how this will look and manifest I have no idea, but it has started.

We are asked to be courageous in following the guidance we are being given, to break the moulds of how we would have done things before.

Take those first steps, write those first words, say those sentences that are coming into your mind… each step will be supported by the next.

These are crazy times, please be gentle with yourself and your loved ones. Be kind and listen, take a breath and pause if need be.. so much is changing…