The New Way


As part of the New Way, a new financial system is emerging

As we are seeing, many systems around the world; that are outdated and no longer serve our greater good, are starting to falter and collapse and the financial system is part of this.  We are seeing increased volatility in global stock markets, unstable currencies, negative interest rates, trade wars and much talk of global recession. Many financial institutions and economies have been kept afloat since the GFC in 2008 with Quantitive Easing and government money, but this is no longer sustainable and the cracks are beginning to show.

For decades there has been corruption and control by the Elite; creating inequality, poverty, mis-trust and a need to create something different – a new paradigm of wealth and prosperity that is built on values and community rather than greed and power.

As part of the New Way, a new financial system is emerging, a new template, as a bridge to a new financial reality – Cryptocurrency and Bitcoin.

The Crypto space is still in its early stages, with much volatility and ……. However I strongly believe in its future and the vision that so many of its architects hold, of creating a decentralised, peer to peer financial system that can be accessed by all, that is not controlled or manipulated by Governments or institutions  but instead creating a system where we can become empowered, where we can be autonomous and take responsibility for our own financial transactions, future and security.

We are still in the early adopter stage and so, as well as investing in a new system that is based on equality, autonomy and and , there is also an opportunity to invest in your own future financial security and make considerable money from investing now.

For this reason I have created a Video course, as a step by step guide to getting involved in Bitcoin and crypt-currency. The course includes additional support of regular Live Workshop Calls and a private FB group, where I take you step by step through the process of setting up your internet security, Exchange and Wallets and making your first investment of Bitcoin.

Please use this link to sign up and you can start immediately!

Booking your session with Bitcoin!

To support the adoption of crypto-currency I also offer 10% discount on all of my packages (paid in full prices) if you would like to pay in either Bitcoin or Litecoin.

Please contact me if you would like to take this offer up.