Family Harmony

6 hours with me to use how you wish!

The Family that we create contains our most important relationships and we often have deep and long running soul connections and contracts that exist between us. This can produce deep and loving relationships but of course can also become some of our most challenging.

This package is designed for bringing your whole family unit back into harmony. For when you can feel that there is uncomfortable dynamics, unresolved issues, constant bickering or fights, relentless illness or even after the introduction of a new baby and everything just feels off.

Often when we are considering healing for our children, we can be uncertain as to where the actual healing needs to be done – whether it is for the individual child;  maybe there are unresolved dynamics between siblings, or even within the whole family unit. We recognise that our children can also be a reflection of our own unresolved trauma or fears, and they are mirroring it for us to see, so does the healing need to be for us?

Where do we start?

This is why I have put together this package, because I tune into the whole family unit, and the presenting ‘problems’ and I muscle test to determine the priority for us to focus our attention on. We can then tailor make our time together to focus on who we need to focus on and shift all that needs to be cleared to enable you all to return to a state of peace and harmony, well being and love.

This package can be redeemed for a mixture of children, adult and family sessions to a total of 6 hours.


Super Kids Sessions

Transformative 60min Kinesiology Sessions

You know your child is being misunderstood within the system. You can sense their love, their beautiful energy and their enormous potential. And yet according to the medical or education system, there is something wrong, whether it is physically or emotionally, and it is leading you down a path that you are not entirely comfortable with.

The ‘New Children” are sensitive. This is not a negative thing – they are a beautiful gift – they often feel, hear, see and experience much more of the subtle realms than we do. They hold wisdom that goes beyond their years and a passion to bring forth change, in whatever way they can.

These children are here to help us change this world – to help awaken their parents and caregivers. To shine a light on the antiquated ways of parenting, education, health – on our own shadow. It may not always be comfortable but the vibration of these children becomes a leading light for many of us. Believe me I know, – my children have been absolutely instrumental in my awakening, my shadow work and my evolution.


Overcome difficulties with emotional regulation


See the wisdom through your Child’s eyes


Easing and clearing physical symptoms like fight / flight responses and behavioural patterns

How the session can transform your child’s confidence

The energy of this world can be very dense for them, as they descend from the spirit realm during their time in-utero, birth and into early childhood and their physical, emotional and energetic bodies can hold some resistance or contraction which prevents them from expressing their true potential.

This may show up as physical symptoms, fight / flight responses, difficulty with emotional regulation, digestion, sleep or behavioural patterns. You may just have a sense, a feeling. Whatever brings you to me, trust in your own intuition and guidance.

What I am offering is 60 minute Kinesiology sessions where we explore and clear any resistance that your child is carrying. To provide the support that you and they require, physically and energetically to be able to excel in this world and feel safe to shine their light.

Booking your session

Sessions are carried out either in person, here in my clinic in East Corrimal, NSW, or over the online platform Zoom (similar to Skype)

Children do not need to be present for the session, if that is not possible, as I can surrogate through Mum or Dad, which is just as powerful and effective, however older children often do want to do the eye trackings themselves.

Thank you Anna! 
My baby girl (3 months) was struggling to settle in the car and would scream uncontrollably. 
Within 48 hours of our session with Anna, Grace was calm, relaxed and at ease in the car. This has made our travels, relaxed, safe and so enjoyable. 
Thank you for helping our baby girl Anna! We appreciate it so much xxxx JR

Thank you Anna for always giving me the space to open up and discover/understand things about myself. Your guidance has positively impacted my life 😊 Really helps achieve my business, career and health goals. Cannot recommend you enough. Thank you 🙌🌸 TT

I had a session online with Anna today, and she was amazing. She certainly knows her stuff! Within the one session she uncovered something big for me, and helped me work on clearing it, offering me tools to continue the healing after too.
Would definitely recommend Anna’s services. She’s very friendly and approachable, you feel as if you’re talking to an old friend.
Thanks for your help Anna<3

Anna recently did a session for my nine year old daughter, who had been experiencing some issues surrounding food and stress. Almost immediately a calmness emanated from my daughter that I had not seen in some time. This in itself was heart-warming to see and evidence that the session had supported my daughter’s wellbeing. I am looking forward it my daughter benefitting from more sessions with Anna. Suzie R

I first took my 2 year old son to see Anna. It was great that he could play with toys whilst Anna did her thing. He was so relaxed and comfortable, After his visit he really started to flourish. He went from being unsure of himself to being confident in what he was doing.  He used to always say “I cant”  I’ve barely heard him say it since, It was such beautiful growth to witness. I am forever grateful. – TP